Our Services

Resident Research, LLC provides a complete suite of investigative products that will help you make the right decision! This information is available to all of our clients regardless of size. We have provided a brief overview of our products for your review on this page along with standard rates, if you would like to receive more detailed information, or have any questions, please contact one of our sales representatives today!

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    Our employment verifications are many times the most important part of the screening process. Trained verification specialists will contact the applicant’s employer’s human resources department directly to obtain a formal verification of employment. This includes the applicant’s start date, current employment status, position or title, compensation structure along with the amount of hours worked on average if the applicant is an hourly employee. This is key to ensure the applicant has not had any recent changes in employment status that is not shown on a pay stub. In addition, we work directly with The Work Number and have access to instant electronic verification’s including salary details without the need for a salary pin – not to mention we have negotiated reduced rates for our clients.

  • Consumer Credit Reports

    Credit reports will provide you with the applicant’s payment, address and employment history as well as a fraud evaluation tool to help you eliminate many cases of identity theft with credit alerts. You are able to view the entire credit report in a secure online, easy to read format to reduce the likelihood of this sensitive information getting into anyone’s unauthorized possession. Public records are also included on the credit report showing you any Tax Liens, Bankruptcies or Judgments that have been rendered against your potential applicant. Choose from any; or all 3 of the major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion & Equifax!

  • FICO (Credit) Scores

    The FICO (credit) score is used by many of our clients but is an optional item when placing your order for a screening product. We use the FICO score instead of an insider rating system to simplify the decision process. FICO scores are understood by most people, 450 is bad and 700 is great; why complicate the process by using a “percentage of delinquency potential” rating or a 1-100 scoring system that is offered by some of our competitors.

  • Nationwide Criminal Records

    Criminal Records are critical to anyone making a leasing decision in today’s marketplace so it is important that you have access to all records available. Resident Research, LLC knows that many providers will provide you with inaccurate or incomplete data and this can be a tough undertaking to research on your own, so we have compiled a second to none program for providing you with the correct records, in an easy to read format the first time. Our criminal background checks are performed on a nationwide scale by compiling a database made up of Federal, State, County and Local records, while also including the Sex Offender Registry, Warrant & Wanted Person’s Database & the International Terrorist Watch List. We are always improving our technology, relationships with government agencies and providing industry leading ongoing training to all of our processors to ensure that you get the right information the first time, within just a few minutes.

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    You would be surprised at the number of evictions that never are reported to the credit bureaus. Much of the time these evictions are filed by landlords or small property management firms that have never worked with a collection agency, since collection agencies are normally the ones with the ability to report these debts to the credit bureau. We can provide you with a detailed search county by county of eviction record filings NATIONWIDE. This report will uncover new filings, dismissals, writ of possession orders as well as financial judgments. These records are often the most important piece of information that is needed to make an informed decision on your applicants. Our vast database contains over 30 million records and grows every day; making it one of the most complete databases available to the property management industry.

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    Our professional staff can provide you with a detailed report to uncover all of the valuable information you need on an applicant’s rental history. We start by verifying that the phone number provided by the applicant actually belongs to the homeowner and/or property management company – Have you ever wondered if the applicant provided the actual phone number for their current landlord, and that you are not speaking with their family member or friend? If not, then you should because we have found that over 30% of resident-provided information is inaccurate.